Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Poor Neglected Craft Blog

I've been a bad blogger over here and not much better on my other ventures. Sadly my crafting in general has taken a hit, with the exception of my new-found love--knitting. Of course I have no knitting pictures yet. And I'm obviously horrible about sharing what pictures I do have. So I'll toss up a hodge-podge of things since the last post. None of them are recent, but they are new here.

My apologies for the editing or lack thereof, rather. It is something I always mean to get done and put off. Then am embarrassed to post pictures. Embarrassment aside:

A necklace for a friend.

Same necklace, different background.

A series of dimensional cards that were originally posted here.

Which sparked the idea for this birthday card for another friend.

A necklace for my sister.

With a different angle.

An afternoon of creating at my friend's house resulted in this.

Really this is so much more fun to see in person, because of the dimensional affect. Many of the bits and pieces stick out and the texture is quite fun.

What I think is hard to see are the strands of iridescent gift packing that float around the piece.

My oldest spent one afternoon reading on the loveseat where this is propped. Obviously he wasn't just reading because he informed me a tiny bug embedded itself into the epoxy. How sad. Not quite as romantic as bugs embedded in amber from millions of years ago, ala Jurassic Park.

So many ideas floating around. I've a little business I've wanted to get off the ground for the last two years, but circumstances, as they often do, stood in the way. Some home rearranging and a speedbump in the road with some personal health issues have been addressed, if not resolved and hopefully the end of this year may offer a few new chances.

What have you been doing?